Google Voice Search – Nokia S60

I’m a big fan of the voice search application that Google has made for Symbian S60 Phones.  It has a lot of potential and will probably be the preferred search application for mobile phones.  Google currently has the voice search application for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia S60 phones.

The application captures your current location and gives you search results based on where you are. For example if you say “Pizza” it pulls up all pizza places within your current location.  In addition to this, it also does calculations 🙂 Try saying 15 centimeters in inches and it does the conversion for you !!

Check out this video that I came across on Youtube..

3G and Internet Penetration in India

Broadband to the masses !!

2Mbps on a 3G phone.. , on a device much more portable than a personal computer.  India is in for a spew of Internet Services, from VOIP applications to web applications based on different web services.  The browser is going to be on a handheld device for a market of 1 billion people (The worlds population is 6 billion, i.e. 1 in 6  people in the world is Indian). Today our internet penetration is only 81 million users (7% of Total Population).. I’m anxious to see the numbers climb after the 3G Auction.

It will be interesting to see the types of applications which will be delivered once these services are available.  All these applications are going to built on a range of mobile platforms which will be available –  Android,  Iphone, Windows Mobile and others (mostly based on linux, including Maemo).

Q1 2010 will start a new revolution for Mobile Value Added Services.  Most of the phone manufacturers have already started integrating social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter on their phones.  Since these sites have a large user base, their Open API (Facebook Connect etc) will enable an individual to integrate these platforms into their daily lives.  From event invitations to service requests (like looking for a local electrician, carpenter etc), everyone will have access to a market which was previously untapped due to physical boundaries.  It will be awesome to see how many new ideas come out of micro communities which will get formed with an explosion of social media.

However, going by the speed of execution of our government, I think they are still delaying the auction to enable BSNL in grabbing  the initial 3G subscribers. 🙂

Here’s an interview with Atul Chitnis on NDTV, about the future of Mobile Phones.

Private Cloud Computing

“The computer industry is more fashion-driven than women’s fashion and cloud computing is simply the latest fashion.” – Larry Ellison, Co-Founder and CEO, Oracle.

This video has been embedded in my brain for a whole week and after going for the Interop Mumbai Conference, I’m absolutely thrilled the way things are moving with the so called “Cloud Hype”.  Yes, its old stuff in a new bottle but it still sells.  The Internet has enabled a bigger network for all and Cloud Computing is going to change the way businesses and home users compute.

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